Preserving Your Nostalgia: Proper Memorabilia Care Tips

The term “Fandom” can extend towards a range of unforgettable people and events; some of them may be categorised into pop culture references, sports personalities, Oscar winners, and even fashion icons. 

You may be one of the few who’d go to great lengths in order to collect and preserve a couple of memorabilia referencing your favourite team or idol—and why won’t you?

Some of these larger-than-life celebrities are irreplaceable within their own fields of expertise, and once they finally decide to “hang their gloves,” there is no other way of seeing them again but through the priceless photos or posters hanging on your walls.

“How Do I Preserve These Memorabilia?”

People often overlook the importance of preserving their valuables the proper way. As with your family photos, framed memorabilia is often made up of paper, may it be an autographed photo, a movie poster, a rare playing card, or even a trivial paparazzi shot of a celebrity you admire. 

You, of course, have the responsibility of maintaining these items in order to preserve their value. Even if you aren’t planning to sell them in the future, you’d at least be able to make your framed memorabilia last a lifetime while in your care! To help you in caring for them, these are just some of the most efficient ways to preserve them overall:

Wipe Off Dust Whenever Necessary

This is the simplest way to preserve your framed posters and photos. Don’t let dust accumulate on the frame of your memorabilia! Before showing it off to your mates, be sure to wipe off the dust with a clean, dry cloth, as well as with its surrounding frames.

Be sure to dust off the back as well, so that there wouldn’t be any rectangular outlines of dirt on your walls once you take down the poster for cleaning.

“Look, But Don’t Touch.”

There may come a time in which your house guests can get a bit touchy when it comes to your wall prints. Right off the bat, let them know that you wouldn’t allow that. Your house, your rules, after all! 

When it comes to the priceless ‘gems’ hanging on your walls, restrictions should be set in place, even if these so-called guests are your best mates.

Small Tears Should Be Dealt With Immediately

Do not let your framed poster or memorabilia go to waste. Small tears, when left unattended, may turn out to be catastrophic in the long run. There are conflicting statements when it comes to using the average transparent tape in fixing a tear.

In such a case, feel free to contact your memorabilia and wall art provider for clarifications on this.

The Bottom Line

Prints and framed memorabilia (as with any other valuable items) requires frequent care and preservation. As an avid owner and collector of such high-value items, it is your responsibility to ensure that none of your memorabilia would fade or be damaged in the long run.

After all, they are your only remaining windows towards the past, towards a wonderful world of nostalgia—a helpful reminder of how awesome your childhood heroes were and that they will always be a part of your life.

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