5 Good Reasons You Need Art in Your Home - What to Know

From the very beginning, art has played a big role in the lives of humans. And as proven by those drawings found on the walls of the caves, which were the very first dwellings of humans, art has always been a part of a home.

Indeed, today’s home décor wall art has evolved from the stick drawings etched on the stone walls of our ancestors, but their significance hasn’t faded. Some people even question why there should be art pieces in the house.

Well, here are 5 good reasons for it:

 1. Art Allows You to Express Yourself

You can tell a lot about a person by looking at the art they like. Whether you are traditional and reserved, modern, or quirky, the artwork that you choose for your home reflects that. Works of art are often more effective than furniture in conveying one’s personality, although there are furniture pieces that are designed so artistically that they double as art, too.

 2. Art Shows the More “Human” Side of Your Home

Because most of the items you have in your house are there to be functional, your home can easily look cold and impersonal. Though it may not be functional most of the time, art lends a “human” feel to any room it is in.

After all, paintings and sculptures all take time and effort to be completed. There are stories behind every work, and often, they are the best representation of the artist’s humanity. Even just one beautiful painting can change the overall look and feel of a room!

 3. Art Can Give the Illusion of a Larger Space

Before you slap on some paint to that dull wall in your bedroom, consider getting wall-to-wall prints or even a mural to add interest to your space. Not only that, but such large pieces can also make a room appear more spacious than it really is.

4. Art Could Help Improve Mental Health 

Not many people talk about the connection between art and mental health, but it’s worth a second look. Art is an excellent therapy for those who need an outlet, especially when they find it hard to express themselves in other ways. If you’ve been stressed by what’s been going on in the world, grab a brush and express your thoughts and feelings through art.

Even if creating art is not your thing, finished pieces can also positively affect one’s mental well-being. Lots of people connect with certain artworks, saying they relax them or help them focus, and you can benefit from such a connection as well.

5. Art Can Be a Great Investment

Did you know that some people spend thousands of dollars to take home pieces created by well-known artists? While one cannot deny how amazing it is to have such prized work in your very home, it doesn’t mean you have to spend that much to have something so beautiful to hang on your wall.

There are many up-and-coming artists, some students even, whose works are so incredible that they deserve a spot on your living room wall.  Who knows, by supporting those budding artists, you may be investing in an art piece that will have a huge value in the future!


Every home needs a few works of art. Whether it’s to show off your fun personality or give a more “human” look to your space, or even just to make a room look bigger, a wall canvas will surely make a huge difference.

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