How to Add Your Jersey Collection to Your Home Decor

Whether you’re a basketball lover or an avid tennis fan, collecting sports memorabilia is surely a part of your passion for sports. It’s very interesting to know that your love for sports should not end on the court or field. You can absolutely bring them closer to youin the comfort of your home! 

Let’s talk about the signed jerseys or those you have collected from your favourite athletes. You can actually incorporate them into your home décor. Imagine your wall showcasing framed jerseys. Isn’t that a fantastic sight to behold?

Here are some creative ideas to turn those jerseys into eye-catching home decor:

Curate them into a stunning piece of display

We often see sports memorabilia such as framed jerseys, autographed banners and photos scattered all over the room. As that setup can evoke an appreciation of the sports items, you can still make a more unique and beautiful masterpiece from them. Why not curate them to create a display that will highlight an area? 

You can consolidate them per team or sports type. Choose a special part of your home where you will put the display. Not only will it add beauty to your home, but it will also make you more inspired by the athlete’s dedication and perseverance.

Determine the most proper rooms for your art

Usually, those who love sports-themed décor would display their sports memorabilia in the living room, home office or even in the bedrooms. But, you should always consider safety, especially if you will have some framed sports-themed displays.

Add them to your private space

Have you heard about man caves? Well, you can create one for yourself! Man caves are usually used as a personal space where men can hang out or invite friends over to watch a game.

For that reason, it’s the perfect space for sports memorabilia to be placed. Why not place your most favourite framed jersey in the centre of your wall? You can surround it with some framed photos and banners containing the signatures of your idol athlete.

Add a dose of creativity and think outside the box to make something profoundly amazing!

Why do you need to have your jerseys framed? 

Jerseys, signed or not, are best when framed before displaying them simply because they are valuable items. They need to be protected from dirt and damage as well as mould and mildew.

If they are framed, there will be no unwanted discolourations. If you’re worried that jerseys may require big frames, and of course, a big space, there are various ways on how you can make them fit your desired frame size. 

Jerseys, along with other sports memorabilia, can be kept or displayed on glass shelves. You can customise a shelf to make it more enticing. In fact, floating shelves are favourite display options for sports memorabilia.


Sports memorabilia creates that unique charm, inspiration and motivation among sports lovers. To keep their legacy and value, they can be added as home décor and lovely displays.

Your jersey collection can be framed and then displayed inside the house to constantly remind you of the athlete’s fantastic journey to fame and success.

Start decorating your home with precious NBA memorabilia in Australia. We are happy to help you create amazing home décor that’s dear to your heart.

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