How to Frame and Preserve Valuable Sports Memorabilia

For most sports enthusiasts, collecting memorabilia is the ultimate display of their passion and love for the sport. From baseball cards and basketball jerseys to soccer memorabilia, there’s just no end to what a collector considers a valuable part of their collection.

Some people even started young and were able to build and preserve their collections up to this day. 

Whether it’s for personal collecting or as a form of material investment, preserving sports memorabilia is essential. Read on to find some care tips on different items that will help ensure that every piece in your collection lasts a lifetime:

Cards, News Clippings, and Posters

Paper goods like baseball cards, newspaper clippings, and signed posters from your favourite players are extremely delicate and should be given extra care. If you leave them exposed to the elements, paper can be easily folded, crumpled, and curled.

They can also be ruined with stains and water damage. Here’s what you need to do to protect your precious memorabilia:

  • Frame It: This is practically designed for protecting paper goods. Even art galleries use framing in their exhibits. Framing allows paper goods to keep their shape and protect them from direct contact with stains and fingerprint smudging. Having a glass or plastic cover also adds some layer of protection against fading. Even with the casing, though, note that it’s wise to keep them from direct sun exposure.
  • Keep it Cool: While framing offers excellent protection, paper material is still susceptible to damage and wear. Some types of ink are very sensitive to high temperatures. It’s best to keep everything in a cool place to protect the ink. When there comes a time you need to take out the piece from the frame, the ink won’t bond with the glass or plastic cover.
  • Keep it Dry: Humidity is your worst enemy when it comes to storing memorabilia. Excessive moisture is a definite way of compromising the integrity of your paper goods. Aside from keeping them cool, paper goods should also be kept dry at all times. If possible, store your wall prints in a climate-controlled area of your home.

Jerseys and Uniforms

Sports enthusiasts are fond of keeping a collection of their favourite player’s jersey or uniform. These can be a symbol of the player’s glory days and even some of their most memorable plays. To properly store jerseys and uniforms, framing is also the preferred method.

It provides protection as well as a way to display the pieces. You need to find a frame or shadowbox with the proper size to accommodate the uniform. Here’s what you need to do:

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Collecting sports memorabilia harbours many positive memories for the collectors. Whether you’re a basketball, football, or baseball fan, nothing beats keeping a collection of your most valuable keepsakes. 

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