Support Your Favourite Sports Team With a Memorabilia Mural

There are numerous ways to brighten and decorate your walls, especially if you want to express your love for your favourite sports team. However, sports fans’ homes generally have two distinct and opposite ways of going about this.

You can have memorabilia stashed in your room in different places or have a perfectly curated wall displaying all your themed-items in a presentable way.

The second option has plenty of logistical and creative advantages. Besides keeping your memorabilia organised, it can also coordinate with your interior space’s look to highlight the collection of items as a mural.

Read on to find out how to bring an assortment of trinkets into a coordinated design.

Using sports memorabilia to make a memorable mural

Showing your team spirit is more than just watching your favourite team’s games and dressing up in their jerseys. Your living and commercial space can be excellent locations to showcase your love for your faves. Since sports memorabilia range from athletic gear to posters, you can combine these diverse elements to create a unique wall mural.

In this article, we’ll share three tips on how to make a memorabilia mural for your favourite sports team!

1. Select the items you want to mount

Creating a mural requires you to work on a flat vertical layout. This means that some objects may not work best on their own without additional support, like hanging shelves or trellises. For example, posters and photographs and signed jerseys are easy enough to lay on a flat surface.

However, athletic gear like shoes, mitts, bats, clubs and other paraphernalia will be harder to work with. Draft your wall’s layout on the floor before you decide to hang them on your vertical wall. Doing so gives you an idea of what you should remove or keep on your mural.

2. Combine different shapes

Think of your murals like a scrapbooking project, where anything goes making it a fun activity with fewer restrictions and limitations. The best part about working with sports memorabilia as a design element is that they come in all shapes and sizes.

Unlike structured furnishing, these objects are more visually interesting due to the combination of concrete shapes like posters next to real athletic gear. Each piece’s uniqueness gives you a wide variety of options in making different sections and connections.

3. Work with a colour scheme in mind

Like any interior design project, it’s best to work with limited colour palettes to highlight a particular part of your indoor’s consistency. Thankfully, sports-related memorabilia generally follow the same base set of colours that already complement each other.

However, you may want to repaint your wall to feature your mural’s elements better. It’s generally better to use contrasting tones to make your mural pop-out. Alternatively, you can do the opposite and make the entire room coordinated with your mural’s color-scheme. This makes it feel like a memorabilia room instead of just being one section of your walls.


There are casual fans and then there are diehard fans who support and appreciate the progress and development of their favourite teams and players. If you’re part of the latter group, you’re more likely to be proud of sharing your favoritism to show your support.

A memorabilia mural lets you display how much of a fan you are while making it a unique aesthetic addition to your living spaces.

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