3 Ideas for Decorating Your Sports-Themed Man Cave

When we talk about man caves, we think about rooms dedicated to things a man wants in the home that does not fit the overall pool tables, large-screen TVs, minibars, video game memorabilia, and more. 

Of course, how a man cave is decorated is up to each man’s personal preferences, but if you cannot think of anything else for your cave, consider turning it into a sports lover's dream. This includes lining the wall with posters of your favourite players and even trophies you won in the past.

Other than that, here are other ideas you can try out to decorate your sports-oriented man cave:


  1. Get some bobbleheads

People love to collect figurines of their favourite people. In the sporting world, there are plenty of collectible figurines—with bobbleheads most popular among them. As the name implies, these figurines' heads bobble when moved, and they are the perfect thing to show off on a shelf. 

You can line them up pretty much anywhere, and they will make the man cave a lot more interesting. If you want to, you can leave them in the box to show them off. It really is up to you how you want to display them, but what is most important is that you enjoy looking at them yourself.

  1. Line the walls with jerseys

Every sport has some form of jersey to represent the teams. If you have a jersey, autographed or not, why not hang them on the wall? This becomes significantly more attention-grabbing if the has changed jerseys over the years, allowing you to collect different jerseys to show just how long you have been a fan. 

If you love many teams, you would have plenty of jersey options to line the wall with. If you do not have space on the wall, pick the top three jerseys you like. It is the perfect number to keep things interesting without looking cluttered.

It’s also vital to ensure that you’re buying from reputable sources as counterfeits are unfortunately flooding the market. Make sure that you’re buying from trusted retailers with certificates such as Upper Deck, Panini, PSA and JSA (to name a few).

  1. Hang posters and photos

 Much like jerseys, you can also hang photos and posters on the wall. You should definitely do this if you have any signed pictures or memorabilia. That said, pictures do not only have to be the players. It can be anything from the stadium, sports equipment, or anything that's sports-related.

There are plenty of iconic sports photographs out there in nearly every sport, from boxing to football. Many of these photos are sold as posters and prints and are even more valuable if you manage to get them signed. The more variety you play with in your photos and posters, the more visually appealing the room becomes!



You can decorate your man cave with so many other things, from tickets to games you attended down to winning balls. Regardless, these items will help your room look much more interesting with your imagination and creativity as your only limitation.

Just be sure to take the time to plan and arrange how things look. Otherwise, you may inadvertently make a room that is too crowded or messy rather than a sports lover's dream.

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