How to Decorate Your Space with a Framed Jersey

Anyone who is into sports would appreciate having a room decorated with them based on their favourite game or the team they root for. It doesn’t matter whether you’re redecorating your teen son’s room or you’re surprising your husband with a man cave – a home décor wall art in the form of a framed jersey will surely be an awesome focal element.

You don’t have to be a die-hard fan to appreciate a high-quality framed jersey and other accessories bearing the colours of their local football team. Here are some ways to incorporate this awesome wall décor in your design plans:

For an Awesome Home Bar

You can be the envy of your buddies when they come over to watch a match and down a few bottles of beer and they see your framed jersey hanging on your home bar’s wall. It’s going to give more of that sports bar feel. If you have trophies of your own, bobbleheads, and sports equipment, they’re going to look right at home in that space as well.

You can choose to get a flat frame for your signed jersey if you’re after a minimalist or modern look, but if you want more flair, you might want to consider a shadow box. Some lighting placed strategically won’t hurt either. 

For a Sporty Bedroom

Perhaps your son is ready to say goodbye to his rocket or dinosaur-themed bedroom and he’s starting to show interest in some sports themes. Why not surprise him with a wall lined with two or more framed jerseys?

An autographed jersey that’s protected by a high-quality frame is a décor that your son will probably not outgrow. He’ll appreciate it through his teenage years and perhaps even take it with him to decorate his dorm in uni.

Other sporty decors that you can get for your son’s room include a ball-inspired beanbag or ottoman, a couple of baseball bats, and of course, a basketball ring at the back of his bedroom door. You can also get him sheets and blankets that are sporty.

For the Ultimate Man Cave

Because you’re an incredible partner and you want your partner to have his space where he can relax and watch his favorite team play (while you do your own thing, too, of course). But for him to want to spend some time in his man cave, it has to look the part.

Gather some soccer memorabilia if that’s what he likes or perhaps something from his favorite NBA team.  You can custom build a glass case or just have them up on a shelf. Make sure he has a comfortable couch where he can relax all day. And don’t forget his framed signed jerseys on the wall. If he likes to play sports himself, you can even have a framed photo of him playing, too.


Whether it's NBA memorabilia or a framed photo of his favorite UFC fighter, a framed sports jersey or poster can complete the look of the space you are decorating.

It’s the best way for your partner, brother or son to idolise their favourite sport stars… but make sure you know who their favourite players are, or else your special surprise may backfire!

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