Protecting Value Why Do People Frame Sports Memorabilia

Protecting Value: Why Do People Frame Sports Memorabilia?

A sports fan’s love for their team or player can transcend generations’, with many fans dedicating their lives to supporting their favourite teams, or specifically the pride of their regions.

On the other hand, a fan can observe the many changes in the career of their idol athletes, moving from one team to another. While these experiences are different for everyone, they can be immortalized through sports memorabilia.

All manners of merchandise, from signed jerseys to company mugs, can refresh one’s memories of specific games or even championship wins. For this reason, preserving these items have a significant value to sports fans.

Framing Sports Memorabilia

As a sports fan, framing memorabilia is one of the best ways to protect its value on several fronts. Besides the obvious benefit of protecting it from physical wear and tear, there are other reasons you should definitely frame your prized possessions.

In this article, we’ll share three reasons sports fans frame their prized possessions.

  1. Protecting Your Memorabilia From Wear and Tear

It’s important to keep your memorabilia free from damage by storing them in a safe location. However, simply keeping them in a box or inside your closet isn’t enough. This is because different environmental factors can threaten your item’s condition. Heat, sunlight, dust, and even humidity can gradually damage your sports memorabilia. This applies to anything from figurines to jerseys.

Framing your memorabilia inside a custom-made frame will give it more protection than usual materials. This will allow you to display your love for your favorite team or player without worrying about your memorabilia’s condition.

  1. Preserving Your Memorabilia to Protect its Value

Besides the sentimental aspect of purchasing limited edition sports memorabilia, it also contains an appreciating market value. Although most standard jerseys aren’t that profitable for resale, other variables can increase its market price. For example, a player switching to another team could make your ownership of their previous team’s jersey a limited edition piece.

Another way to increase a jersey’s value is to have it signed by the named player or the whole team. The jersey’s market value will increase even more if you sell it after the team achieves a notable achievement. If you want to make a profitable investment with your collection, framing your valuable sports memorabilia is an excellent way to secure its potential value.

  1. Curating Themed Items Together

Not all sports fans collect sports memorabilia to sell it in the future. Some people just want to amass a wide collection and enjoy the hobby of supporting their favourite teams and players. Although they’re not in it to preserve their valuables’ market value, there’s still a good reason to frame their sports memorabilia.

Creating a unique and presentable layout of several sports memorabilia is one method of giving them a more refined look. This is why curating similarly themed items together is an excellent way to organise one’s sports memorabilia collection. It’s an elegant way of presenting and protecting your pieces, whether you want to display them in public or keep them in your home.


Handling sports memorabilia is comparable to taking care of precious pieces of art. This is why framing them should be performed by professionals. While it may be easy to frame jerseys and banners, you’ll need to receive a tailor-made service for more unique items.

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