Preserving Your Art Why Is Canvas Stretching Necessary

Your artwork should be properly framed before hanging it up in its place of honour in your home. Before choosing the perfect frame for each piece, however, there is one crucial step that should not be overlooked: canvas stretching. 

As an art aficionado, you need to have your art canvases stretched to preserve the quality of your collection. If you are new to the art world, you may have many questions about canvas stretching. This blog post will give you information on the crucial questions you need to ponder before buying your canvas.

While it is possible to frame your art without having it stretched, there is value in having your canvas stretched the moment you acquire the art.

How Much Excess Canvas Do I Need to Secure the Art?

It is preferable to have at least 50 mm of “spare canvas” all around the painting to be able to secure it effectively. This excess will allow the canvas to be stretched and stapled to the back of the back. However, if you own a piece that has less than 50 mm around, you may find that 30 mm will be enough, provided that you use the correct type of stretcher bar for your specific type of canvas.

What Is the Largest Canvas You Can Stretch?

The maximum size of stretcher bars comes in lengths of 3 m. These bars will work well for 2.8 m canvas artworks. When it comes to painting this size, it may be a good idea to consider how to take it home after it is stretched.

Do I Need to Frame My Art After Stretching the Canvas?

Once you have the artwork stretched, there is no explicit rule says you need to have it framed. If you feel that framing the art is right for you and the overall decoration of the room you will hang it in, go ahead and frame it! 

What Types of Artwork Are Stretched?

Stretching your canvas will work best for acrylic paintings, printed pieces, canvas painting bought overseas, and Indigenous artwork. Stretching is a cost-effective way to ensure to enhance the overall look of your painting as well as give it a neat finish. 


Stretching your canvas is an important part of preserving your art, and making sure it will stand the test of time. 

The key to making the most of your collection is finding art that you like, hanging them properly, and ensuring they are maintained well. These measures will ensure that the art in your collection so far will stay beautiful for longer. 

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