5 Great Ideas to Decorate Walls with a Variety of Pictures

When you decorate your walls, do you ever wonder what to hang and where to place them? If a house doesn't have at least one piece of art, it isn't considered complete. When you finally have that gallery wall up and can look at your favourite photos and paintings daily, you'll be glad you put things on those bare walls, even though it was a tough decision at the time.

What you choose to hang on your walls may completely transform the appearance and feel of a space. Maintaining a sense of equilibrium is essential to designing any room successfully. When it comes to hanging photographs, this indicates that you do not need to fill every space on the wall with artwork.

Continue reading to learn many innovative concepts for utilising pictures as wall decorations.

1. Adjacent Walls

The best way to utilise wall space adjacent to significant focal points like a large window is to hang frames or small art prints in the area between or to hang large imagery above the window and small artworks below it. You may also use your empty wall space to create a gallery of images that flow together or a small collage of various prints.

2. Door Walls

If you have just one door wall to work with, don't fret! You can still use that wall nicely. You can simply place a group of artworks in the centre of the door wall to make the most of your space. The painting and arrangement on this wall will make for a great focal point for the room as people pass this area often.

3. Living Room Walls

The living area is often a haven everyone frequents at once or another.  In this room, you can fill your wall space with family photos you have taken over time or photographs of objects that are meaningful to the family.

You can also fill the walls with artwork that reflects the home's aesthetics or various inspirational images. You can purchase matching frames to secure the safety of your pictures.

4. Bedroom Walls

One of the best ways to improve the appearance and ambience of the bedroom is by adorning the walls with photographs of people, places and things that are important to you and influence your life. You can create a serene and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom by hanging pictures of nature. 

You can develop a sense of intimacy when you surround yourself with photographs that you've taken, especially if you have created your photographic skills over time. 

5. Kitchen Walls

The kitchen is often one of the most popular gathering spots in the house. This is the perfect place to hang images that reflect the room's theme, such as nature. The final appearance of the kitchen will affect how you feel when you are in the room. 

You may choose to showcase artworks of your favourite cuisines, or you may choose to hang a different image on every wall to maintain a feeling of variety and interest.


There is no limit to using artwork and photographs to enhance the home's appearance. While you may be tempted to choose the easy route of hanging artwork on the walls, you'll be very pleased with yourself when you invest the time to create a gallery wall or design a collage of various images.

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