[Cherry blossom season


"So familiar yet so foreign.  If Japan is enigmatic, then Tokyo is the heart of that riddle, its rhythm and essence so utterly alluring that it demands to be explored." Michael Ryan and Luke Burgess.

TOKYO is a city of contrast - a hybrid if you will.  Urban but relaxed, noisy and chaotic yet leisurely and nonchalant, ultra modern and cool yet traditional and respectful. 

Our TOKYO accord is an ode to the latter of each of these juxtapositions and was inspired by the city's interspersed garden oases.  A poetic bouquet of cherry blossoms, plum trees and a touch of cedar represent the peaceful tranquility and retreats that can be found even amidst the most chaotic if one knows where to look.

Top //    Green tea leaf

Mid //    Sweet cedar, plum

Base //   Sakura blossom, birch

350 grams of scented soy candle.   45 hour burn time.



Failure to follow instructions could result in fire, hazard or injury.  Keep candle and flame away from children and animals.  Never leave a lit candle unattended.  Remove all packaging before lighting candle.  Do not burn candle for longer than 4 hour intervals.  Always burn candle on a level, stable fire/heat resistant surface.  Keep away from things that catch fire.  Keep away from drafty areas.


Keep the wick trimmed to 6mm to ensure even burning and ensure your first burn is long enough to create an even pool of wax along to surface of the candle - we recommend 4 hours.  This will avoid the candle from tunneling.  Ensure candle is free of any foreign or flammable materials including matches and wick trimmings before burning.  Keep wax pool free of debris.  Do not touch or move candle when it is burning/hot.  Store candle in a cool dry place below 25 degrees celsius and keep away from direct sunlight.  Stop burning when 2cm of wax remains at the bottom of the jar.  This will prevent possible heat damage to the counter/surface or container itself.  Please note that the glass candle container will get hot on the bottom as the flame nears the base of the jar and most of the wax has been consumed.

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