Tips On Maintaining Your Wall Art

Wall art acts as an eye-catching focal point in our homes, bringing character, colour, and design to our living areas. You must use the right care procedures if you want to keep your wall art looking beautiful and durable. This blog post will go through helpful advice on how to properly look after and preserve your wall art so that it has a lasting impression on visitors to your house.

  • Dust Regularly:

A frequent problem that can detract from the beauty of your wall art is dust buildup. Over time, the surface's brilliance is dulled by dust particles that collect there. Regularly dust your wall art with a soft, lint-free cloth or a feather duster to avoid this. Be careful not to push too firmly or harm delicate surfaces as you gently wash the surface in a horizontal motion.

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight:

Over time, exposure to direct sunshine can fade and discolour your wall art. Use UV-protective glass or frames, or hang your artwork in locations away from strong sunlight, to preserve it. If you can, rotate your wall art occasionally to ensure that it receives an even distribution of exposure, extending its lifespan and retaining its natural colours.

  • Mind Humidity and Temperature:

Extreme temperature swings and humidity levels can have a negative effect on your wall art, causing warping, mould development, or paint damage. Do not hang your paintings in moist spaces like restrooms or next to heat sources like radiators. The integrity of your wall art is best maintained at humidity levels between 40 and 50 percent.

  • Handle with Care:

Make care to use soft touch and caution while handling or cleaning your wall art. Avoid making direct contact with the surface, especially with bare hands, since your skin's natural oils may transfer to the artwork. To reduce the possibility of fingerprints or smudges, put on soft cotton gloves or handle the frame edges.

  • Hang Art Securely:

It's important to hang your wall art properly for both safety and maintenance reasons. Use hardware that is suitable for supporting the weight of your artwork, such as hooks or D-rings. When choosing hanging devices, take into account the weight of the object and the kind of wall. To prevent any unintentional tilting or slanting, use a level to make sure the artwork is straight.

  • Clean with Care:

It's crucial to take special care while cleaning your wall art if it needs more than just a quick dusting. Try to stay away from using aggressive cleaning agents or chemicals that might harm the artwork. Instead, refer to the manufacturer's or artist's particular cleaning instructions. To maintain the integrity of the artwork, it is essential to seek expert advice if you are unsure.

  • Prevent Moisture Damage:

Moisture may ruin wall art by warping, growing mould, or leaving stains. Don't display art in places with a lot of moisture, such basements or damp locations. Maintain a normal humidity level in your house as well to shield your artwork from potential deterioration.

In conclusion, you can preserve the durability and beauty of your wall art for years to come by following these care guidelines. Key techniques for keeping your artwork's beauty and safeguarding its value include regular cleaning, shielding from direct sunshine, and thoughtful handling. Keep in mind to adhere to any particular maintenance guidelines the manufacturer or artist may have offered, and when required, think about seeking expert help. Your wall art will remain a treasured focal point and enhance your living area with its creative attractiveness with proper care. Check no further than Wall to Wall for high quality wall arts to add into your home art collection.