Pop of Colour | How to Find the Perfect Art for Your Home

Modern homes often feel too plain and structure, lacking the touch of personality and colours. It might be because many people are too afraid to rock the interior designing boat. However, you should not be hesitant to push the boundaries.

It is where wall arts come in because they will reflect your personality. Let us say that you choose NBA wall arts, this would showcase that you are a fan of the sport.    

You can, however, make a more significant statement by making all furniture in the room a neutral colours but using the colourful artwork created by the NBA wall art as the only splash of colour. This design choice can help you make an exciting contrast. 

Other than the placement problem, you may also have other concerns. In that case, this article will settle your issues with wall art. 

Thinking That Art Has to Be Expensive

Remember that thinking that art has to be expensive is the foremost reason why many people fail to buy any. Due to the misconception, many collectors value art more than the money they can get from it.

However, price should not determine your art selection, instead you can choose art at an affordable price point that would express your interests or match your aesthetic. 

The solution is to look around until you find one of your liking and within your budget. You may, however, have to do a little bit of bargaining, which will help you save a lot of cash by purchasing art from marketplace online or through thrift shoppings. If you like a particular NBA wall art, you might have to spend a bit more time for your particular one. 

Not Considering the Space

Some people make the mistake of ignoring the size of their wall art. They may have collected artworks at different points. And so, when they try to put them up, they may find that the artwork is not a perfect fit for the wall.

The solution is simple – measure your wall. It will help you ensure that you do not buy anything too big or too small. Although it may be a tad complicated, it is worth the effort.

After finding the art you like and within your price range, you should consider the space. Think about it. If you purchase a work that is too large for your area, it will be a waste of money.

On the other hand, if the work is too small for the space, it would not add anything to your space - the wall art would be swallowed in the room. You will make both the work and your money on it a waste. 


Some people buy several pieces of art in one go. They do so, hoping that having many will make the room look more attractive. And so, they end up with a cluttered space that defeats the purpose of having the pieces of art, to begin with.

The other common reason people fail to appreciate art is that they have too much clutter in the room. However, just ensure that your wall art would have the right space for it to shine as a decor piece in your home. 


When it comes to art, we tend to be too traditional. We think that art is expensive and that it has to be hung on the wall. And so, we end up with expensive frames that we hang on the wall and think that we have created a masterpiece.

Kindly remember that you have to do a lot of work to create art. And so, you need a good theme that can serve as the base of your work. 

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