Is Hanging Art or Leaning Art Best for Your Space?

The perfect gallery wall takes a lot of hard work. There's a lot of arrangement, design and curation that go into such a task. When it's finally hit the ideal sweet spot, it's like getting a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae.

A perfect gallery wall has less to do with the topic, whether that's soccer memorabilia or boy band posters, and more to do with expressing yourself bestno matter what that means for you and the room you are looking to decorate.

Over time, a new player has entered the game of wall art curation: leaning art. It's a step away from the traditional way of just hanging art on a nail or hook. While it's rather aesthetic, it isn't meant to replace the classic style of hanging. Which one you choose depends largely on several factors.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Between Hanging Art or Leaning Art

YES: Leaning Art Helps Increase the Unique Factor Through Layers

An entirely new way of exploring creativity opens up through the use of leaning art. Layers can be created with pieces that are of various sizes. Big wall prints can be layered with smaller ones, and a frame that's empty can be thrown into that mix as well for emphasis.

Aside from the increase in visual interest, layered artwork largely supports both dimension and depth in the overall look. It doesn't just have to be on walls per se, too; leaning art will work wonders on a bookcase. In fact, it can transform it into an entirely new piece of artan installation piece all on its own.

NO: Leaning Art Requires the Use of a Surface

It can be tricky to lean art on a wall if there's nothing to support it, like a shelf. This can create issues with layering, let alone actually having it stay in the exact spot you want it in. Surfaces and space must be considered when looking into using leaning art.

YES: Hanging Art Gives a Sense of Order

As previously mentioned, at this point, hanging art is tradition. A key trait is the way it allows everything in a room to flow and look neat. Leaning art when there's a number of pieces can lead to a cluttered, haphazard feel and look, which will be counterproductive. This is particularly for artwork whose sizes are somewhat similar. 

NO: Hanging Art Makes Things Permanent

If you see yourself changing things up within six months, sticking a nail in the wall to hang art might not be for you. While there are solutions on the market, such as industrial adhesive strips, it's still rather tricky to switch those up than just picking up things that have been leaning.


Hanging art has been the preferred traditional way of many for centuries. Modern times have brought about leaning art, which simply requires layering pieces or having them lean on a surface. Consider the pros and cons of each before making a final decision.

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