How to Use Sports Posters as Home and Office Decor!

Many people of all ages choose to decorate their living space with sports posters. It is a way to show their support for the sportsman and express their passion. It is also a great way to show off their sports memorabilia.

Sports posters that are professionally created offer a perfect way to show appreciation for the sporting stars that are much loved. Children especially like to have the sports posters of their favourite sportsmen on display because they can admire them as role models. It is not uncommon to see the sports posters of professional sportsmen hanging right above a children’s bed where they can see it every day.

Of course, with the right styling and elements, you can bring your sports posters out of small spaces and into your office, living room, and more!

Let's explore how you can turn sports posters into home or office decor! Here's what you need to know:

Frame it Well

As with any other kind of poster, sports posters should be framed properly to ensure they are correctly displayed. Framing them is the best way to protect the posters from damage and keep them in good condition for a long time. Ensure that your sports posters are under glass when you frame them, so they stay dry if it rains while they are outside.

When you frame sports posters, make sure you choose a frame that will highlight your posters and your memorabilia. It should be a frame that will fit and complement the setting where you want to display it.

Sports posters often come with their frames, but most of them aren’t the best frames to use. For your sports posters, choose a frame made from a sturdy material that will last and will not easily be contaminated by dust and other things.

Display it in a Large Frame

When you display your sports posters, make sure that you have a large frame for them to take advantage of your poster's entire size. Choose a large frame to showcase the sports poster without obstructing any of its details in the process.

Sports posters are usually large, so if you choose a small frame to display them, they will be larger than the frame. This will make the posters look smaller, making them look unflattering.

Choose a colour theme for the sports posters you want to display in your room or office. If your room is bright and colourful, choose a sports poster printed in vibrant colours. When the sports poster is too different from the room's overall look, it will stand out and look out of place.

Add a Vintage Touch

You can make your sports posters look more vintage by choosing a frame that looks old-fashioned and vintage. Choose a frame made from thick wood with a deep finish. It will give your poster a more antique look.

If you choose a frame that is too large for your sports poster, you can find a smaller frame and place it behind the poster to create the effect of having a vintage frame. For instance, find a frame with white borders and place it behind the poster to give it a vintage look.

The Bottom Line

Sports posters can be a great way to decorate your living space, especially when you are a sports fan. They are well printed and come in different sizes and frames. When you put them on display, make sure you frame them properly to give them a professional look and keep them in good condition for a long time. Choose a frame that highlights the poster and complements the room where you want to display it.

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