How Art Helps Us Relax Through Different Colours

Art has the ability to change the way we feel. It can express emotions, tell a story, or simply capture a moment. When we see art that speaks to us, it can change our mood and even our outlook on life.

Art relaxes people. Different colours, subjects, designs, and arrangements can all be used to promote relaxation. Healthcare professionals even use art to help people calm down.

However, not all art is effective at relaxation. To choose artwork that will help people relax, you need to consider the art's colours, depth, and subject. You also need to ensure the art is in harmony with its surroundings.

Colours in Art

Different colours can evoke different emotions in people. Brighter colours may inspire energy and activity, while darker colours can create a more reflective or melancholy mood. When choosing colours for your art piece, it's important to consider their psychological impact.

  • Red and Orange

Paintings and pictures with bright, warm colours such as red and orange can be a poor choice to aid relaxation. Red is best suited to energetic, passion-filled environments, while orange is associated with a high activity level.

  • Pink and Yellow

Warm colours can have different effects on people. Some warm colours, like pink, can be stimulating, while others, like yellow, can be calming.

Pictures with cooler colours tend to be associated with more relaxing environments. This is because blue is generally a calm colour that can help to soothe people. Cloudless days with a bright blue sky are often more calming than other types of weather. Similarly, pictures and paintings with blue hues can also help to create a more calming atmosphere.

  • Green in Nature

Green has long been associated with peace and serenity. It is said to have a calming effect on the body and mind, helping to reduce anxiety and depression. Many people find looking at pictures or paintings of green landscapes, such as trees dripping with rain, to be very tranquil and relaxing. For this reason, green is a popular colour choice for wall art and home décor accessories.

  • Shades of Purple

Purple is a mix of blue and red and has qualities of both colours. It has a calming effect like blue but is also bold, like red. Deep purple is more stimulating than calming, so lavender is a better choice if you want to relax.


Art can have a profound effect on our mental well-being. It can help us relax and de-stress and can also be a form of self-care. When we engage with art, we can tap into our creative side, which can help us to feel more balanced and whole. The process of making art can also be therapeutic and can help us to express our emotions healthily.

When finding art prints or photographs to display on your walls, the best colours for relaxation are green, blue, and purple. Whether you use them as wall art or simply as part of your decor, they will always create a soothing feeling.

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