5 Brilliant Ideas for Adding Wall Art to Your Kitchen

The kitchen is said to be the heart of every home. After all, if you enjoy cooking, you will likely spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

A great way to show off the character and aesthetic of the room in your kitchen is by adding wall art. We have outlined five steps on how adding wall art can help add spark to your kitchen.

  1. Create a Splashback
If you don't have tiling or a backsplash above your worktops or below your kitchen cabinets, frame prints may be the ideal accent to fill that empty space. This is a fantastic way to give your kitchen the splash of colour it was missing. Doing this will also help shield it from the occasional grease splatter.


  1. Attach It to the Walls
Since it's not always easy to locate suitable wall space in the kitchen, we're keeping things basic to begin with. If you have wall space that isn't occupied by appliances or cabinets, it's a great place to start. 

Some beautiful spots include the wall behind your kitchen table, the space between your windows, or even hanging a few canvas prints vertically on a narrow border that would otherwise be left blank.

The area above worktops without shelves is also a fantastic place to hang your wall art. This will give your walls a distinctive appearance. 

  1. Set It Out on a Shelf

Open shelving and floating shelves are the latest trends in kitchen design. By including plants, unique accessories and leaning canvas or framed prints, you can capitalise on this trend and make your kitchen look more elegant.

  1. Create a Gallery Wall

Even though you might believe that having a gallery wall is limited only to the living room, it's not a bad idea if you can create it in your kitchen. A kitchen wall covered in art can make a big impression if you have enough space.

You can add a variety of prints, paintings and photographs that may convert a modest or simple kitchen into a lovely area.

  1. Place It Over the Cabinets

You can still display your canvas prints above your cabinets if none of these options works in your kitchen. That's right, think beyond the box and lean them up against a wall or hang them over your cupboards. 

If you have enough space, adding prints above the top cabinets is a great way to display your favourite artwork. In addition to giving the room a uniquely elegant appearance that unifies your kitchen, it draws the eye upward, making the area appear even larger.


A warm kitchen can make your home more attractive to your guests. If you want to create an atmosphere where your guests would love to meet and enjoy special moments, adding some wall art to your kitchen wall will bring a good feeling.

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