4 Tips to Creating a Stunning Gallery Wall at Home

Displaying visually compelling and stunning pieces of artwork on a gallery wall is truly a remarkable sight to behold, but the process of hanging art on a blank, architectural canvas isn't as straightforward as it seems. If you want the gallery wall to look picture-perfect and dynamic, there has to be an artistic sense of direction to the pieces' placement too. 

Homeowners have the freedom to be as creative with wall art as they would like to be, but a lot of the time it may be hard to dream up original pieces that would properly capture a particular room's essence and personality. 

For the art pieces to be strategically placed and truly stand out, it is crucial to come up with a creative concept for the gallery wall first and then decide what type of art pieces would work well with it. With that in mind, here are some ways to spruce up a gallery wall and complement the art collection's theme.

Maximising Your Gallery Wall's Impact

Tip #1: Look for the Ideal Empty Location for the Gallery Wall

If there are multiple empty spaces on a room's wall, it's best to have the largest empty space be the focal point of the gallery wall. Start with that big space, and work outwards to fill in the rest of the wall with the additional art pieces and frames.

Tip #2: Consider the Art Pieces' Measurements to Create a Visual Balance

The ideal location for a gallery wall is a large empty wall that has enough space to accommodate the pieces' measurement entirely. It is important to consider that large art pieces always have a certain dimension, and it would be wise to make the gallery perfectly fit them.

This is where it helps to have a good eye for proportion and balance. You don't want to think that all the art pieces should be equally sized and fill the space equally. That would not only make the space feel crowded, but it would also make it seem like the wall is lacking something.

Another crucial thing is to make sure that there is enough wall space between pictures or paintings. The empty spaces between pieces of art should complement the art itself. For example, a large piece of art should be placed between two smaller art pieces.

Tip #3: Curate Your Art Collection

When filling empty spaces with artwork and frames, you should put more thought into it than simply choosing the size that best fits the empty space. The art pieces should complement the gallery wall and have a similar theme or colour palette to bring a cohesive look.

Tip #4: Elevate the Collection and Create a Cohesive Look with the Right Frames

If you are looking to create a gallery wall with more than a few pieces, it is advisable to go for frames that are more visually appealing than the art pieces themselves.

There's nothing wrong with looking for artwork that can draw attention, but framing the art pieces in a visually appealing way will elevate the gallery wall, making it look all the more impressive.

The Bottom Line: Bringing Art to Your Home with a Well-Designed Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are great ways to bring in some fun, eclectic personality to a single space or add a dynamic focal point to an entire room. Creating a gallery wall in your home is easy and fun, but it may be hard to know where to start.

It may take a bit of effort and a keen eye, but when you nail the gallery wall and make it stand out, you are bringing art to your home and defining the style of your home.

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